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We are exclusive authorized distributor of Controls S.R.L., Italy. including Soil Division of Wykeham Farrance and IPC Global in India.

Our company CHIR-AYU CONTROLS PVT. LTD, is a dynamic marketing and distribution channel marked by Growth, Innovation and Stability. It strives to be at the forefront in bringing the latest and best material testing equipments to its customers.

Controls Testing Equipment is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of Materials Testing Equipment.

Controls as a group is constantly working to develop new and even more efficient instrumentation and apparatus for the construction industry.

A quality assurance system, ISO 9001 ensures accuracy, reliability and quality. Controls offer complete instrumentation and equipment for construction industry like Concrete, Soil Testing, Rock and Aggregates, Cement, Steel, Asphalt, Drying, Weighing and Grading.

Our Mission : Creating values for everybody.

Our Vision : To associate with clients to satisfy there needs to improve their productivity. Provide latest technology & products to our clients. and  Improving productivity by satisfying quality control and research needs. To become global business

We are exclusive authorized distributor of TAIWAN CAPSTONE GYPSUM CO. - Taiwan in India.

Our product high strength capping gypsum ,can reach 5,000-9,000 psi (350-630 kgf/cm2) after mixing with water for 30 mins. This type of gypsum is used as the capping material for concrete compression test according to ASTM C617 and AASHTO T231standard, so our high strength capping gypsum is qualified and approved to be applied for civil engineering industry.

Gypsum capping could make the capping surface best condition with complete flatness perpendicularity and horizontality. Therefore it can reach the highest compressive strength value and retain stable data at anytime. From the operational point of view, Gypsum only need the water for the reaction. It provide a human friendly environment and also increase the efficiency of the sample preparation.

Capping is the preparation of the ends of cylindrical concrete specimens to ensure that a test cylinder or core has smooth, parallel, uniform bearing surfaces that are perpendicular to the applied axial load during compressive strength testing. The purpose is to ensure that the specific criteria for plainness and perpendicularity of the ends are in accordance with the applicable standard.

Gypsum is a faster , safer ,easier and cheaper method compared with sulfur capping rubber pad capping and grinding machine . For cylinder concrete specimen, high strength gypsum is always the best choice !

TAIWAN CAPSTONE GYPSUM CO. based in Taiwan with the history of more than 30 years since founded in 1981. We are proud of product which is the high strength gypsum specifically applied in concrete compression test as capping material.


Here is a list of few selected products.
1) Soil Penetrometer
2) Direct/residual shear strength apparatus.
3) Digital Triaxial Tests/permeability
4) Effective stress/stress path automatic triaxial testing
5) Cyclic triaxial system
6) Cyclic simple shear
7) Automatic Proctor/CBR compactors
8) Impact soil tester
9) Automatic CBR compression testing machine
10) Plate bearing test apparatus

Rock and Aggregates Testing
1) Specimen grinding machine
2) Determination of elastic modulus and strength of rock specimens in uniaxial and triaxial Conditions
3) Abrasion testing machine for natural stones and concrete tiles
4) Accelerated polishing machine
5) Skid resistance and friction tester

Concrete And Cement Testing
1)Automatic compression and flexural testing machine for concrete and cement
2) Extensometer/Compressometer to determine e-modulus
3) Self compacting concrete test
4) Air content of mortar
5) Automatic vicat apparatus
6) Automatic mortar mixer
7) Jolting apparatus
8) Curing cabinet

NDT (Non-Destructive Test)
1)Concrete test hammer
2) Ultrasonic pulse velocity meter
3) Concrete cover meter
4) Half cell potential test
5) Pull off strength
6) Flat jacks

1) Universal testing machine
2) Cold bend testing machine

Asphalt (Road)
1) Servo Hydraulic Dynamic Testing System (UTM)
2) Automatic binder extraction
3) Asphalt binder analysis
4) Automatic Marshal stability
5) Gyratory compactors
6) Roller compactor
7) Wheel tracking apparatus
8) Rolling thin film oven
9) Saybolt viscometer
10) Ductility
11) Automatic Laboratory mixture

The Controls products are useful for various industry like Cement plants, Civil Engineering companies, Power Plants, Ready Mix Concrete Companies, Aggregate Quarries / Producers, Industrial Material Laboratories, Steel manufacturers, Asphalt Producers, Educational Institutes Indian Institute Of Technologies, Polytechnics, National Institute Of Technologies, Universities, Consultants etc.

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